February 7, 2017

Music Ministry


As messianic believers we love music that celebrates the love and greatness of G-d. We sing to Him, clap our hands and raise our arms in celebration and surrender to Yeshua because of His precious sacrifice so that we could be redeemed.

We have had Joel Chernoff at Mishkan, Joel Chernoff is perhaps best known as one of the pioneers of Messianic Jewish music. For 20 years he was lead singer and songwriter for the music group LAMB. It is through the music ministry of Lamb that Messianic music gained a wide international audience.

Jonathan Settel has been with us, his desire is to see all of Israel (the Jewish people) come to know Messiah as the Body of Believers provokes them to jealousy. His music and ministry materials have gone into places where Jonathan has yet to go.

Carlos Perdomo has sang his beautiful music at Mishkan to bless us. “Mercy/Rachem”; “In This Moment” and “King of All the Earth” for just a few samples. We were blessed to meet his entire family and what talent they all have!

I am just naming a few men of G-d who has blessed us with their songs of praise in person. Keep in touch as we continue to invite other musicians that will bless you and touch  your heart.