December 13, 2017

The Rabbi’s Corner

Al Ha’ Nissim – “On the Miracles of Chanukah is a time of reflecting on miracles-by the L-rd of the world.

Come to a deeper understanding of who I am says Messiah Yeshua, G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, personalize it now…the G-d of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Sara, and you, and you, and you!!! The G-d who still weeps over Israel and asks you and I to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

Transitioning from yesterdays belief system, is answering a call to accept G-d’s original Teachings, His Torah biblical culture, G-d’s Celebrations and Feasts that Messiah Yeshua, Himself asks you to. He did them, He taught them, and He asks you to be sensitive to what He considers to be important for everyday life. The items He wore, the Kosher foods He ate, special prayers for Shabbat. Not celebrating what He didn’t, such as man-made holidays with red-suited men and rabbits producing eggs. “Come, He says, follow Me, through the Messianic Movement. It’s G-d’s last prophetic movement. Hear me please, it belongs to G-d…not man.
Thank you,
Rabbi and Rabba Keyes